About Elixir Pub

Located in the same complex as Escape Chambers and Lumber Axe

We're Fun

We have escape rooms, axe throwing, lazer tag, and beer all in one location!

We're Friendly

We are committed to making your that you and your group have a fun and exciting experience!

What Is Escape Chambers?

Think of your favorite movie. Now imagine being able to plunge right through the screen and be part of it! Escape Chambers creates the scenarios and storylines and lets you and your team experience them! Ever wanted to be part of a jewel heist? Get mixed up with the mafia? Be a CIA agent? Experience a world of magic? The list goes on because just like the movies, Escape Chambers covers every genre. Choose your adventure and escape reality!

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Ever wanted to hurl an axe?

Axe throwing is a totally new, cool, memorable way to release stress and have a great time. Think darts with muscles. Our axeperts will teach you the basics of axe throwing and then guide you and your friends (or enemies, coworkers, family) through some fun and competitive games. Come experience the thrill of indoor axe throwing in leagues, group parties or team building events.

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Our Beer

We offer many varieties of craft beer as well as domestic and malt beverages. We’ve got something to please every palate in an atmosphere that makes you want to sit down and stay a while.